Back to Basics With Casinos 

The meaning of the word Casino

During earlier days casinos are known for small villas. Also for an outhouse built on a larger Italian villa. Casino is also called for a palazzo. Such architects were built for house entertaining activities for just family and friends. But in the 19th century, the meaning of the word casino changed. Now casinos mean to play gambling games. Public started to reach out to the public buildings, where leisure activities took place. But now for them the meaning of leisure activities has changed from safe play to gambling gameplays. Youngsters started getting interest in activities like gambling and sports in the house.  Thus slowly it started to become a money market. 

How Casino works

A casino is the representation of a building. That building permits all sorts of gambling games and activities. Players may gamble using slot machines and board games. As we know the casino has a predetermined stack of all the winnings. So whether you play directly or with another fellow the ultimate things are already planned. The winning and losing is decided by the casino machine. And not decided by your money or even you. That’s why normal people fear losing their money. But the rich people are fearless and casinos are their only way of entertainment. The set amount is known as the commission. 

Make a clear point that casinos do not create wealth. It just gambles others’ pocket money directly or indirectly. Casinos themselves can not generate revenues. The casino advertisement industry is huge. The machine tricks pre setted for each casino game are the only factor of money making. Basically huge casino clubs are the industries where wealth is usually transferred. A set of money is opened in the view of winning more money is known as gambling. In gambling industries, most of the money is transferred from players’ pockets to the casino clubs.

In the urge of playing, the gamblers give away their hard earned money. Spending huge in casinos makes people spend less in the outer market. Some people who lose all their money become casino beggars. The casino addiction makes a person bankrupt. There are so many beggars on the roadside in Las Vegas. Thus, gambling directly affects the public economy. Gambling is very addictive as it is a habit forming activity. This scenario makes the people resort to criminal activities, including theft and burglary. In order to have money flow support they take this step of criminal activities.

Casino Attraction

The casino or gambling attraction starts at an early age. When people know that there is a possibility of  ease of multiplying the wealth then they are stuck. The possibility of money making with ease has loopholes and is very dark. Sometimes people have fun playing casinos with a mere curiosity in the mind. Some others do it for quick cash gain. Number of people start gambling with minimal amounts of money. Hence chances of losing greater amounts reduces. However a good winning steak can make a player an addict for life time.

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